Wasup dude? I have to say "see you" for a while. Yeah, We are MOVING( Adachi headquarters) Out store will be closed during our transiotion. But Our online( here) is Open 24/7!! Please do not visit from September. See you new location!!!!!


Finally、We can open official annouce aobut "special collaboratio with ROCKET BUNNY" to the world!!! this is annyversary limited gear for that we making new demo car with ROCKET BUNNY. you know what we make it. We will be releasing TEE SHIRTS and BUMPER STICKER on 1th SEPTEMBER. dont miss it!!!


What is "D1SBY". Yeah its initial name of japanese mean 渋谷第一(1st week of ShiBuYa) This is an implicit sign to lowrider. Yes. I also went to Shibuya for play last week. here was my hometown when i was young ballers! they came from around 11pm to the streets.... There is a lowrider scene in Japan that a foreigner can not imagine. I do not know the reason, But I think that LOWRIDER was also attached to the background influenced by HIPHOP from the 1990s japanese street culture... In the past ten years SUV became the flow and the custom scene changed. I think that "Lowrider" scene rise again nowday in japan... I think that it was the biggest participation this year. Anywhre.....

New Family

You might already be aware of this but ”TEC-ART'S"is most famous about AE86 specialist. also supervisor of KEIICHI TSUCHIYA a.k.a DRIFT KING's personal AE86. Today I could had a great time with CEO of company Mr.KAMATA. what for talk? yeas.. They doing special production management for my project "Dastu 620 Now... it will be EPOC making of the streets... yeah.. that project is not just ROCKETBUNNY body kit sell plan... Im sorry that we cant show up untill finish the car. Stay tuned!!!!

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