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We will do a second big collaboration this year. A request came from Germany's Porsche..... it "RWB" ”Idlers” that Nakai of that RWB surely runs. idlers is a grass race organization called Japan's highest peak. this time. We will be releasing to the world of this big dream collaboraion.. this is big happen even japan.... Because everyone said "why HARDCORE meets RWB??? idlers?" thats why? I entryied to "idlers" always... with "RWB"?? I have freindship with Mr.NAKAI... In the past this stencil was a stencil for which only the cars allowed were allowed. Filally.. you can do "idlers" to your tyre... those product will be release on here...... from 2nd DEC 2017.... We wi

Thank you

I will be shipping of "DONATE TEE SHIRTS" from today. I got an order from so many people all over the world. yea, Thanks to your support, I was able to liquidate the fine correct. Japan,United states,U.K,Norway,Finland.Geamany,Italy,Holland,Korea,Philippine,Burunei,Malaysia, Newzealand,Canada!! yeah, I cat say anything!!! "thank you very very so mach appriciated!!!" This is my little Grattitude. I will continue and will continue from now on.

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