What is "D1SBY". Yeah its initial name of japanese mean 渋谷第一(1st week of ShiBuYa) This is an implicit sign to lowrider. Yes. I also went to Shibuya for play last week. here was my hometown when i was young ballers!

they came from around 11pm to the streets.... There is a lowrider scene in Japan that a foreigner can not imagine.

I do not know the reason, But I think that LOWRIDER was also attached to the background influenced by HIPHOP from the 1990s japanese street culture...

In the past ten years SUV became the flow and the custom scene changed. I think that "Lowrider" scene rise again nowday in japan... I think that it was the biggest participation this year. Anywhre....... Low,, low... rollin...

Unfortunately, the police and the Television are angry again ( like a "Fresh Tokyo Carmeet)

Police didnt lockdown in the town, but it was a very dangerous vibe in anyhwhere.....

There are strict regulations that can not be thought abroad, the recent Car Meet even cruise is very HARDCORE. but We support violent driving... Because this is japan.

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