We made it

February 4, 2018

wasup dude?

how you feel?


In japan, sooo cold winter seasons now.


still  you can watch "snow" in the streets.


I went to "malaysia" last week also could get little winter vacation on some south asia island..

Yeas, We did 1st car meeting event in Kuala lumpur,Malaysia with out new became delaer "STYLE LOW" 

it was suprised "BUZZ" night seriously...

that's why,,  we have a bad condition. 1st try and week day "thursday" event

but..... we got 200 car and about 500 peep come out  after all...












Malaysian car scene is so unique...

still living "top speed"racer in the streets... also  many RB and nissan car in there...

almost nothing 1JZ,2JZ even 4AG TOYOTA MOTOR.





whats happen in the world?

Everyone supporing to 1JZ.2JZ,4AG.3S.

Yeah, I like mechanical RB motor sound...... I was so glad to RB sound...


Anyhow I could had great happy time with STYLELOW and fellow, Malaysian car guys..


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