Refresh for 2018

April 20, 2018

Wasup dude.

you already know what we made special collaboration with PANDEM a.k.a ROCKET BUNNY.

then We did refresh to DATSUN 620 for Formula-Drift long beach Round.




I paint ordered to "OSPS-one stop paint shop/mortorsports" Huntington beach,CA.

yeah. Painting order is gamble. thats why ?The way people look at colors is different from person to person.

But they reproduced the colors I ordered.However, the weather was not on the side.




The 5th day I came.

The painting was not finished yet. This is a nightmare.
Due to the temperature until last week, the paint did not dry and work stopped.





Even if visiting and past midnight it will not finish painting.

However, polishing will be done and preparations for work will continue.

I checked the color and prepared the decal and I went back to the hotel.





Eventually, I could not make it in time for the next day's arrival, but I was able to exhibit it in the booth from the evening.

A lot of friends and friends, the media was pleased.This is my pride. And it is an icon of HARDCORE TOKYO.